06/09/15: Archon Tzakis inducted into Academy of Athens

Archon Dr. Andreas G. Tzakis was inducted into the Academy of Athens with the highest honor of Corresponding Member in the field of “Medical Sciences” of the First Section of Sciences on June 9, 2015. This is a life long Achievement Award recognizing Dr. Tzakis for his renowned life changing surgeries in the field of organ transplantation and his research and clinical practice teaching publications. Dr. Tzakis also presented a lecture on “The Miracle of Transplantation.”
Left to right, Dr. Patricia Carroll-Tzakis, Rev. Germanos, Rev. Damaskinos of Agathonas Monestary in Lamia, Greece and Archon Dr. Andreas Tzakis. (Note: Rev. Damskinos is a patient of Archon Tzakis being a liver organ recipient in 1995.)
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